Prepare the Media

To install Windows 7 on computers that do not support working with the drive (such as netbooks), you can use the USB flash drive, the volume of which must be less than 4GB for the full deployment of all the distribution files needed for the correct installation andthe subsequent operation of the system.

Before installing Windows 7, you will need to download the operating system image.You can do it as a mirror of the official Microsoft, and on third-party resources.After downloading an image you need to install a program that will format the USB flash drive in the format you want and record all persons in the image files.Among the most handy for recording Windows 7, Windows 7, it may be noted USB / DVD Download Tool.The program is available on the official Microsoft site and allows to record the lic
ense of the image to removable media.

Recording stick

Install USB flash drive into the device, and then click Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool.You will see a simple interface, and is produced through which is already downloaded image.Click on "Browse┬╗ (Browse) and enter the path to the ISO file system image that you downloaded earlier.After selection, press "Open".

After you specify the path to the image, click on the button Next, to go to write the image to removable media.In the next menu, select USB Device.The proposed list, select the name of your stick and then click Begin copying.Next, click Erase USB Device, and then confirm the information.Then start recording an image on a USB flash drive, the process that you can follow in the main window.After recording the status bar will be filled to 100%, you see the message Backup Completed.Record the image is complete and you can begin to install the system.

Actions after recording

Before reinstalling the system to save all your important files on a separate media as during installation documents can be deleted.After that, go to the computer's BIOS by pressing the Start Setup (F2 or F4) when the computer starts.Go to the Boot, and then as First Boot Device name of your stick.Save the changes and restart the computer.If the image has been recorded correctly and the BIOS settings are set correctly, start installation and initial configuration of the operating system.