Open the "Start" menu.Through him, get a list of standard programs, it is the item "Tools".That there is a utility that serves for the purposes of system recovery .Also in this program you can create a checkpoint.
Click "Next" button.You will be asked to choose a restore point system .If you have previously set up these points repeatedly, you will be available and in addition to the previous state of the last saved.On the left you will see a calendar, and the right table, explaining the nature of the circumstances in which the recovery point was created.
Please note that most of them are often done automatically by the system, for example, wh
en you install certain programs.This is useful, given that many of them can adversely affect the operation of the entire system , so remove unnecessary software and the consequences of its use can be through a recovery procedure.
Click "Next" button.You will see a warning window, carefully read its contents.At this point you should have saved all the documents with which you worked, since the implementation of the recovery procedure the system will reboot automatically, not allowing you to use the unsaved changes.
Note that this can remove all the programs that you installed in the interval between the reference point and the present moment.Keep a copy of the required data from these programs, so you do not have problems with their recovery.
After the restore operation system and turn on the computer, check whether there is a qualitative change in the work, if the problem persists.If not, try to choose a different restore point system , perhaps, change occurred much earlier and were simply not noticed until recently.