you need
  • - internet connection.
Start Control Panel, open it in the menu "Security Center".Look at the status of the automatic update of the operating system - if it is off, turn it on by pressing the "Automatic Updates", which is located at the bottom of the window.Here in this menu, you can also configure the security settings of the operating system, as well as enable or disable the firewall.
After pressing the settings menu to automatically update, you should have a small window of parameters, configure it to automatic download and installation.Note that you can also install the update for a specific time schedule by selecting from the dropdown menu.You can also configure automatic downloading of notification prior to installation.This will allow you to choose which updates to install o
n your computer.
If you want to remove this or that upgrade for your PC, do it in the same manner as is usually done uninstall programs.To do this, open the Control Panel "Add or Remove Programs" at the top of the window that appears, check in "Show Updates Windows», wait for a while for the system to customize the list, and scroll almost to the end.
Among the updates, locate the one that you do not need to uninstall, and then right.Make sure you do not make a mistake in choosing the uninstalled update - check the date of its installation.In order that it is not loaded again in the automatic update, including the download mode with the notification before installation deleting it from the list when it installed.If you want to see what changes will occur in your operating system after installing the update, read about them on the official server Microsoft.