To install a hard drive different versions of OS Windows, the following important rule: first installed the older version, then a new one.Older versions do not recognize the boot sector of the new version and rewrite it.As a result, the new version is not loaded.
run correctly each operating system must be installed in a separate partition on the hard disk.Break HDD into logical drives can be used during initial installation of the operating system or later, when you decide that a "OSes" you enough.
If you are installing a version of Windows on a new hard disk drive, set the BIOS to boot from a CD or DVD, insert the installation CD into the drive and follow the steps.After accepting the license agreement the system will tell you the size of the unallocated space, equa
l to the size of the hard drive, and offer to create a logical drive.
Click on the keyboard and enter the size of the system partition, which will be installed Windows.Press Enter.Now your hard drive has one logical drive C: and unallocated space.You will need at least another two sections: the following operating systems and storage.
Mark cursor item "unallocated" and then press C to create a logical drive D :.Enter the size and click Enter - this is the place or under another system, or a repository of information.
If you create a system drive means Windows, you can install it in just one of the versions of "OSes".Therefore, if you plan to use Linux, better leave unallocated space on the hard drive to create a new volume with the help of third-party programs.
Activate Section C: and press Enter.The system will offer to format the partition.For versions of Windows XP and later choose to NTFS.Follow the instructions of the program.
Create logical drives can be installed in OS Windows.Right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select from the drop down menu "Management".In the console, expand the snap "Disk Management".Right-click the unallocated space and select the pulldown menu option "New Simple Volume."To continue, click "Next".Enter the volume size and continue by clicking "Next".
In the new window, you can leave or change the drive letter.Click "Next" to move to the next step.Format the partition if you are going to install it or to store data.
Before installing a new version of Windows, turn off the antivirus software and save important information to external media.Insert the disc into the drive.If you are using boot flash memory, connect the device to the USB.
download should start automatically.Otherwise, open the icon "My Computer", locate the folder on the installation disk to the system and run the setup.exe.Follow the instructions.To the question: "Where to install Windows» enter the prepared section.
To create a logical drive is convenient to use a third-party program.One of the most famous - Acronis Disk Director Suite.You can use it to reallocate the space of mounted volumes in order to make room for the new.Run the program and select the automatic mode of the interface - it is easier for beginners.
In the "Master", choose the command "Partitioning".In the "New Partition Wizard" set the radio button to "Free space of the existing partitions."In this mode, will be used by the unallocated space and free space on the existing disks.
In the new screen, select the partition from which free space will be taken.Specify the size of the new drive by moving the slider or by entering numbers into the appropriate window.Then, specify the partition type.If it is a repository of information, select the "logic", if your system disk - "Active".Then, select a file system, the letter and the name of the disc.To exit, press the button with the flag.