you need
  • - DVD-ROM;
  • - Windows 7 usb / dvd download tool.
Download image of the installation disk Windows 7. You can use the original files are available on the website of Microsoft.The uploaded file must have permission iso.Select the version of the operating system that corresponds to your license key available.
Create a boot disk can be by means of a huge number of programs.Consider the example of the process of Windows 7 usb / dvd download tool.This is the official tool from Microsoft.Download the program and follow its installation.Insert the DVD-R or DVD-RW drive into the optical drive.Note that after the completion of the recording files, you can not change the contents of the disc.
Run installed program.In the first window, click the Browse button and navigate to the d
ownloaded iso-file.Then click Next.Now press the DVD button and select the optical drive with an empty disk inside.Start the process of writing files to disk by clicking Start.Upon completion of the program, restart your computer.
Immediately after turning on the PC activate Boot Menu.This usually requires you press F12.The list of available devices, select your DVD-ROM drive.If you are not able to run this menu, go into the BIOS of the motherboard of your computer, by pressing Del.Open the Boot Device Priority.Move the DVD-ROM, the top line.Press F10 and confirm saving settings.
After restarting the computer program will start installing the operating system Windows 7. In the first dialog box, select the "Full installation".Wait until the utility will scan your hard drive and create a list of available topics.You can change the size and number of partitions.To do this, use the "Delete" and "Create".After preparing the hard disk, select the area where it will be installed a fresh copy of Windows, and click "Next".
wait until the program will copy the necessary files and prepare them for writing to disk.This process can take 30 to 60 minutes.Spent time depends on the power and speed of your computer files on a DVD-ROM drive.After automatic reboot, follow the instructions in the installation wizard OS.You will need to specify the current date and time, select the operating mode of Windows Firewall and create at least one user.Please note that the selected account will be assigned administrative rights.
After the second restart will run desktop of Windows 7. This installation process is complete.For normal operation, the devices perform the installation of the required drivers and software.