Tip 1: How to prevent the launch of the application

you want to prevent program run some computer users, but not all.Therefore, it is the simple removal does not suit you.Rename the program and to hide it in other folders - unreliable.It is better to make it impossible for her discovery "is not an administrator."
Log in as an administrator.Determine which file system on your hard drive.To do this, open "My Computer", select the drive for the location of the program, launch which you want to disable.Right-click to open the menu.Click on properties.Find the line: file system - NTFS (or file system - FAT 32).
If the file system - NTFS, follow these steps:
- Open the folder where the program is located, select it.Right-click to open the menu.Activate properties.Open the "Security" tab.
- In the top box, select the user or group that you want to ban the launch program.
- in the bottom window in the "Deny" put all the checkboxes.
- Click "Apply", "OK".
If the file system - FAT 32, it is best to convert it to NTFS, it s
ecurity settings more flexible and easier, and indeed it is more reliable.If you have a good reason to save to disk FAT 32, follow these steps:
- Open the "Control Panel" = & gt;"Administration" = & gt;"Local Security Policy" = & gt;"Software Restriction Policies" = & gt;"Additional Rules".
- Right-click, select "Create a rule for the cache."Click on the button "Browse" and select a program, launch which should be banned.
- In the "Security" choose "not allowed."
- In the "Forced" specify which users this rule will apply.Usually, it's users or all users except administrators.
If you want to lift the ban, then the file system NTFS - repeat step 2, but, of course, do not deliver, and uncheck the column "Deny".A FAT file system 32, having the same path as in step 3, delete the previously created rule for the cache.
All the above applies primarily to the operating system Windows XP.Windows 7 for this purpose appeared tool AppLocker.But for ordinary purposes it is too powerful tool.AppLocker longer for setting security policies in network organizations.In addition, it is only in the Ultimate and Enterprise trim versions.For simple tasks, such as this, and for Windows 7 can use the method described above, the commands are slightly different, but the general meaning is the same.

Tip 2: How to block the launch of the program

In Windows operating systems have software systems, which run automatically, iewithout user intervention.Some of their numbers are in the startup list, remove them quite simple.Much more difficult to block the startup programs that are not in the startup list.
How to block the launch of the program
you need
  • software AppLocker.
To remove the program from the startup list, you must run the application "System Setup."Click "Start" menu and select "Run" or press the key combination Win + R. The empty Open box, type msconfig, and select from the drop down list if introduced earlier this command.Also, this application can be started via the context menu of "My Computer."
In the window that appears, navigate to the tab, "Startup", get the name of the program, the launch of which you can not stop and mark this line.Then click the "Apply" button and "Exit without restart."
In some cases, you require in the list of startup process may not be.In this case, use a utility to block the run absolutely any application, record which is present in the registry.Click on the following link http://smartx.wpengine.com/products/tools/applocker and click Download.It should be noted that when using the operating systems Windows 7, the application is already built into the shell.
Launch installed software via the desktop, double-clicking on the icon the left mouse button.In the window that the utility you will see a list of all installed applications, which have a record in the registry.
blocking the necessary processes is carried out in two clicks.The first click is necessary to make the title of the program, leaving a note in the bar.The second click is necessary to make the button Save.
to perform blocking the application name is not on the list, you must press the Configure button at the bottom of the window.In the window that should fill the two fields.First the Caption field is filled with the name of the program to be blocked in order to make it easier to navigate.In the second empty field Executable File Name, type the file name.For example, you must specify with WinRar winrar.exe.Now click the Add button and "OK".
Method 2: Disable the blocked startup programs and services.To disable the automatic start of a program or service during system start Windows Vista, follow these steps.Click the Blocked startup programs icon in the notification area.Click Show or remove blocked startup programs.As a result of these steps, start Windows Explorer programs Defender Windows.
Helpful Hint
AppAdmin - Portability is a free application for Windows, allows two clicks to block objectionable to you program.After downloading and unpacking the archive with the program, you must run the executable file and the window shown in the screenshot above.Utility AppAdmin rescue you in the event.if you need to quickly and securely lock the launch of certain programs without picking in the bowels of the Group Policy settings Windows.


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