Explorer Disabling Windows

Open the library "Computer" by double clicking on its icon on your desktop the left mouse button.Also, this folder can be accessed by running the "Start" menu and choosing the right part of a string of "Computer."

In the upper left part of the window that opens, expand the list under the "organize" button, clicking the arrow next to it once with the left mouse button.A list of actions on the files and display windows Explorer Windows.

In the list that appears, move your mouse over the line "Submission."Will open an additional list of parameter settings of the various elements of the window display.

In a further list, select the line "Navigation Pane" by clicking the left mouse button once.Navigation Pane (conductor Windows) is no
longer displayed in the left pane.Also, the navigation bar will not be displayed in all newly opened folders.

General recommendations

Users are advised to remove the navigation pane when the monitor screen is low resolution, and therefore the reduced visibility of folders.This is because at low resolution on the screen, all elements therein are recorded are larger than at high resolutions, therefore, elements per unit area on the screen falls downward.Removing the navigation bar, the user frees up more space in the field of view for various elements, such as files, folders, pictures and sketches, etc.

If necessary, increase the field of view in the windows user to optionally remove the navigation bar completely.Suffice it to hover over the right border of navigation pane until the double-headed arrow, and clicking while holding the left mouse button, drag the border wire way to the right.

access display settings, the navigation pane is performed from any currently open folder.Display Settings and set by the user to remember the size of the navigation pane by the system.In the future, all the settings of the conductor to be used in all newly opened folders.

To navigation bar (navigation pane) is displayed again, go to the list of "Sort" in the upper left corner of any open folder, move the cursor to the line "Submission" and check the box next to the line "Navigation Pane" by clicking on the left buttonmouse once.Explorer panel appears on the left side of the window and will be present in all the windows opened.