Using the "Start" menu, go to the power settings that are in the "Control Panel."In the resulting window, click the Settings link hibernation mode.It set the period of inactivity before entering hibernation mode, it is best to remove it permanently by selecting the appropriate menu item.Save your changes.Click on the buttons for changing the settings of additional parameters.
Adjust the behavior of the computer when the lid is closed, at different power circuits, which may vary depending on the source hard drive and disconnect the monitor screen, and so on.The most convenient way to make sure that when you close the laptop been no action, hard drives do not shut down on their own, and the monito
r is quenched within an hour.If you do not uncheck Turn off hard disks, it may affect the conservation of some of the results of your work.It is best to apply the settings after changing each parameter separately for each mode - mains, battery and so on.
Open using the menu button "Start" utility from "Disk Cleanup."In the resulting window, put a check clean your computer from hibernation, and then click "OK".This item is related to the fact that hibernation takes up too much space on your hard drive, which can be used for storing files, or any other option at your discretion.Delete Files hibernation, you disable this mode permanently.Return it will be possible only by restoring the operating system.
Open the menu "Start" menu "Run".Enter a string "powercfg-H OFF", observing the size of the letters and punctuation to completely disable hibernation.Perform once deleting files mode.