Using the left mouse button, click on the "Start" button and stop on the menu item titled "Control Panel."
Double-click the mouse on the icon in the form of a computer.Be careful and make sure that the label is named "System".Clicking on this icon, you will find yourself in the zone settings of the operating system and your computer hardware.Note that before you opened a window titled "System Properties."
Click the mouse on the tab "Hardware" and click the button "Device Manager".After completing this step, you will get a complete list of all the real and virtual devices that make up your computer.
Open an item called "Network Adapters."Gain access to a drop-down list by c
licking the button in the form of a plus.In the drop-down list, you must select the network card, for which you need to change the MAC address.

Once you have decided on the card - click on its image and right-click menu that appears, use the option "Properties".
In the window that appears under the name "Properties" (opposite of the word should be the name of your network card), go to the tab "Advanced", then you'll see a list of where you need to use the item "Network Address".
To record your own value of the MAC address, you will need to put a tick in front of an empty field for text input.
Enter the desired network address in this field, but remember that his record should be in a standard format, which implies a lack of various kinds of indentation, spaces and hyphens.
Use the OK button after you have finished editing the values ​​of the MAC address.Do not worry about the others not covered windows.Regardless of their status, the new value of the MAC address is already assigned to your network card.