Enabling firewall

Open the "Start" menu and click the left mouse button once the line "Control Panel" from the list on the right.Panel opens to configure the various settings of your computer.

control panel can also run through the folder "Computer".To do this, double-click on the icon "Computer" on the desktop and in the upper part of the window that opens, click the "Open Control Panel".

in the top right corner of the window, expand the list next to the line "Browse" and select the type "Small Icons".A list of all possible configuration options of a personal computer and operating system.

In the list, scroll to "Firewall Windows» and click on it once with the left mouse button.Open the firewall control area containing the functions to enable or disable security systems, modify the list of except
ions, go to the help files of the firewall, etc.

In the list of options on the left select "Enable or disable the firewall Windows».To the right will be the region settings firewall settings for each type of network connection (home and community).

In the settings mark the point of the required fields.Enable Windows Firewall to protect your home network provides the user's computer from malicious files and programs transmitted within the working group.Activating the firewall protects your computer the public network during an active Internet connection.

General recommendations

included Windows Firewall can automatically block the user programs.To unlock, you need to add a proven software firewall exceptions list.

the presence of constitutively active Internet connection the user is not recommended to turn off the firewall, blocking malicious files and software.

If you have antivirus software installed, Windows Firewall is recommended to turn off to avoid potential conflicts between them and, as a rule, does not operate normally both protection programs.

-enabled Windows Firewall notification when attempting to run a malicious program or suspicious system sends the user to request permission to start or block the application.When the system is off notifications Firewall automatically blocks the launch of suspicious applications.