Launch iTunes, pre-installed on your computer.Go to "Store" and search for the given category menu.You can also use the search stitching at the top of the program by typing "read books" and in the resulting list, select the most suitable for the functional program.
When selecting tools should be guided by the format in which you will download the necessary files to your library.One of the most popular extensions is FB2.On the iPhone is also commonly used EPUB or PDF, which can be easily found on the Internet.Among the most popular newsreaders can be noted iBooks, ShortBook (FB2), Bookmate (FB2 and EPUB) and ShuBook (EPUB, FB2, PDF, RTF, DOC, TXT).Choosing the right tool, click "free" to install it.
After downloading, you can connect th
e device to a computer using a USB-cable.Go to "Applications" and then click "Synchronize" to add programs to your phone.After that, the list of applications in iTunes, select the newly installed utility.
Drag the selected program file e-book from your computer.If the operation is correct, the desired book will appear in the iTunes window and will be displayed in the list of file utilities.If you want to sync it again, then disconnect the iPhone from the computer.
Run.The proposed tool list, you will see the name of the book you just copied.Click on it to start reading.To copy e-books on the iPhone completed.
After installing the program, you can download files in the desired format directly from your phone via the Internet sites on which e-books available for download.