To make your favorite picture as desktop background on Windows XP, click on the right mouse button and then click "Set as Background Wallpaper."The image is automatically stretched to fit the screen, so be careful: if the picture is too small, the desktop is fuzzy, blurry.
If you want to choose a background from the collection of Windows, right-click an empty area of ​​the desktop and from the context menu select "Properties".In the tab "Desktop" in the "Wallpaper" check image you liked.
Under "Location" you can select the actions too small pattern: stretch, placed in the center of the screen or put some images in the form of tiles.If the small pattern stretch, its quality may suffer.If you
place a picture in the center, then in the list of "color" can choose the color for her frame.
From this window, you can specify for your desktop any image stored on your computer.To do this, click "Browse" in the address bar, type the path to the desired image.
Windows 7 wallpaper changes somewhat differently.Right-click an empty area of ​​the desktop and select the command "Personalization."In the new window, click on "Desktop Background."In this version of Windows is much richer selection of images.Select the desired image and click "Save Changes."
can set as a background slide show.To do this, while holding the Ctrl key mark several images.In the list of "changing images every" select a time interval for changing images.
Click "Browse" to select any image as a background on your computer.If the pattern is too small, use a list of "Positioning the image" to place the picture on the screen optimal way.