often before users the question arises - how to change your password in Ubuntu?This can be done in two ways - from the GUI or the command line.

Change the password using the GUI

To do this, you must click on the button system - & gt;Settings - & gt;Statement, which will open the corresponding window.Click it on the "Change Password".
window change your password, enter your current password
and click on "Authentication".Then turn on the text box for entering new data.Enter a new password and click "Change password."

Change your password from the command line

Changing account password is possible by using the PASSWD.This can be done for example, shown below.
command line, type the following:
ramesh @ ramesh-desktop: ~ $ passwd
Then enter your current password and twice - a new one.If you have completed all right, you should see the following entry:
passwd: password updated successfully
If you want to change the password of another user Ubuntu, the command should be slightly modified.For example, the user JSmith it will look like this:
ramesh @ ramesh-desktop: ~ $ sudo passwd jsmith
After this double-write the new password and wait for such a response system:
passwd: password updated successfully

Lost password in Ubuntu

Also, do not worry if you forget your password and can not log in Ubuntu on your computer.There is a very simple and quick way to reset the password by using recovery mode menu Grub.Follow these steps to change your password:
Start the computer.The menu Grub, which appears by default when you start your computer, select the "Advanced options for Ubuntu».In the window that appears, click on the tab «Ubuntu, with Linux 3.11.0-13 generic (recovery mode)».
the dropdown menu, select «Root - Drop to root shell prompt».Now, the command line appears at the bottom of the screen.You must display all users of the computer by typing ls / home.Then enter the following: mount -rw -o remount /, then enter your login.
For example, if your user name in the ABC, the command line should look like this:
passwd abc
then enter your new password twice.If done correctly, you will receive a response system that the password was successfully updated.Now you can simply restart your computer and log on Ubuntu with a new password.