list as a running and idle is currently Windows services collected in a separate component of the operating system.It provides the ability to disable and re-run any of them.To display the window of this component in several ways.In Windows 7 or Vista the easiest way to do it using the built-in internal search engine.To do this, open the main menu of the operating system, and type a couple of letters from the keyboard - "ff."The top line of search results will be necessary link - "Services" - click on it with the mouse or just press Enter.
There is another, longer route to this list - in "Control Panel".Open it with the corresponding item in the main me
nu of the operating system, then click the first link "System and Security" then "Administrative Tools."This will open an additional window, in the right frame of which you need to double-click an object "Services".
opened one of the following methods list, get in the column "Name" line "Terminal Services" or Terminal Services and select it.To the left of this column will be the description of the selected service and the link "Stop" - click on it to stop the operation of the service.This team has duplicated in the context menu - you can right click service line and select the "Stop" on the pop-up list of commands.
Another way to access the list of services, use dialogue to run programs.To call it or select "Run" from the main menu or press "hot keys» Win + R. In the dialog box, type msconfig, and click on the button OK.This starts the setup window of five tabs - select the "Services".In the left column, locate the desired name and remove the check mark.Then, click OK, and change the setting to fix the system.