Video and Audio Codec

in the broadest sense - is a program that serves to encode or decode audio and video.Accordingly, they are of two types - audio codecs and video codecs.Typically, these programs are absolutely free and are distributed in the network in unlimited quantities.Moreover, the options for encoding audio and video - a great many.

To install the codec for a particular video or audio (and sometimes all together - at the sound of the video also has), you must find out what kind of format they were coded.For this are special programs for the recognition of digital media file formats.The most popular are: VideoInspector, MediaInfo, GSPOT, viinfo.The first and third of the four have free versions.Hearing the name of the formats you can easily
download and install any codec, by driving its name into a search engine.Modern codecs have their own installers, so the problems with the installation should not be.There is only one caveat - you must check for viruses all the information, downloadable on the Internet.Especially the program.

universal approach

Download and install the codec every time a desired audio or video format - it is uninteresting.Much more interesting to download and install all at one time.For this are the so-called codec packs that include virtually all known codecs under a common and not very multimedia formats.The most popular of such package - K-Lite Codec Pack.Codecs themselves have a very small size, and the whole package of codecs will take up very little space on your computer.This package is absolutely free.Plus it is regularly updated continuously including a new and improved version of codecs old.

download package on the official website of its authors: you can get acquainted with older versions of the package, read the instructions to the various codecs, etc.After downloading the package, you must run the Russian version of the installer and select the Russian language installed codecs.Next, you need to choose which version of the package to install - a full or limited.Here it is best to choose the full version.Then begins the installation.After several minutes, the installation is pumped, and now the user's computer is able to play almost all known media files, except those that play is limited power of the computer.For example, with HD-video quality is awful slow down at a computer with a video card, memory is less than 512 Mb.