you need
  • - computer;
  • - installation disk with OS Vista.
Make sure that your computer is suitable for installation of the operating system Vista.Check whether there is enough free space on your hard drive if there is enough memory on your computer, whether 64-bit drivers for the motherboard.
Download the latest drivers for all your hardware.Put the best drivers in a separate folder on the partition that will not be formatted when installing Vista 64. Next, back up all the necessary information.
Restart your computer, insert the installation disc into the drive with the OS, boot from it.To do this, make sure the drive is first in the list of devices to boot.Further pass multiple pages OS settings, select the disk and partition on which to
install the OS.
Format the selected partition, it is not necessary to install the new system over the old one.In the window that opens, enter your product key, copy it from your installation disk.Accept the license agreement.Select the type of installation "Full installation".
Select the system settings: language, time zone settings.Add the users computer.Wait for the installation.After the computer restarts, remove the CD from the drive and boot from your hard drive.Installation of Windows Vista can take about 25 minutes.
After restarting the computer, install drivers for your devices.Restart your computer, right-click on the window "My Computer", select "Properties", then select the "Hardware" and "Device Manager", make sure there are no yellow exclamation mark next to all items.
to complete the installation of Windows Vista 64, install an update for it.To do this, go to the main menu, select "All Programs", click on the item Windows Update, select "Check for updates".After they are installed, restart your computer.Thereafter Vista installation 64 is completed.