you need
  • computer, RAM, screwdriver
completely disconnect the computer from the power line.Disconnect all devices from the system unit and put it where you will be comfortable working with him.Open the PC case.Usually it is secured with two screws.Another may be an additional latch or fastening.Carefully read the computer motherboard.If you have the technical documentation for your PC, locate the "motherboard".There must be an interface circuit where you need to find slots DDR.Then, on the basis of this scheme, get these slots directly on the motherboard.If the technical documentation is
not available, you have to find your own DDR ports.In principle, this is no problem.
After'll find ports for memory, see if any of them are free.This is necessary if you are going to add memory.When this does not need to extract the old.But if you need to replace a memory module, you must first remove the old one.On each side of the slot to connect RAM has a latch.Pull down the latches.Problems should arise, since there are only two areas where you can move the latch.When you omit them, the memory module can be extracted by pulling it toward you.In this way, you remove it from the slot.
Installing RAM is even easier than the extraction.Latches near the interface connections must be omitted.If you extracted memory, latches have been omitted, if not lower them as described above.Now press the memory module to the port side of the contact connection and press down gently.Clips fastening is released automatically, and the memory module is locked.Now RAM installed and will be recognized by the system.