Windows operating system stores the updates to the system directory on your hard drive C. To find this folder, go to "Start" - "computer."In the list that appears, select "Local Disk C:» - Windows.Find the directory SoftwareDistribution, and from there go to the folder Download.
list of files that appear in the directory, and there's an update to the operating system.To copy them to a separate storage medium or another hard drive, select all files with the left mouse button, and then click on them with the right button and select "Copy."Insert the received updates, use the context menu "Paste" in the target folder.
Download Directory can also help, if you install the update you have any difficulties.For example, if you st
art your computer, you can see the configuration screen updates, and then you receive a notice of the unavailability of the data packet, in which case you can delete all files from this directory to get rid of this error.
Deleting files from Donwload system will also be a signal for the Windows Update utility to conduct re-download the update.If you want to completely disable automatic downloading of new packages to the system, you should use the appropriate setting.
Click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System and Security".In the list of topics, click on "Update Windows» - «Enable or disable automatic updates."In the line "Important updates" select "Do not check for updates" and click "OK".Automatically download the updates will be completely disabled.
In the settings of these parameters, you can also assign a schedule to download the new service pack.To do this, select "Install updates automatically" and in the box below, enter the time period for which the downloaded updates should be downloaded.