After the appearance of even a minimal malfunction of the hard disk on its surface may be broken sector.The first detection of this problem, the system puts the label "bad sector» (bad sector) and the constant checking disk no longer be avoided.This is done for the correct operation of the hard disk , but, in fact, this feature is only increases the download time.
one of several solutions the current situation is to complete the verification of such element as "My Computer."For this you need to open the window "My Computer", double-click the shortcut on the desktop or in the "Start" menu.Then right-click on the drive that the system is constantly checked for bad sectors, and select "Prope
In the window that opens, click the left mouse button on the tab "Tools."Go to the block "Check disk », in which you must click "Run check ».You will see a pop-up dialog box in which you want to put a mark next to the line "Automatically fix ..." and "Scan for and attempt to recover."Then click "Start."
In the next dialog box, you'll see a proposal for a full scan of the hard disk only after a reboot.Respond positively by pressing the reset button.When the system boots to begin verification.On its completion it will be clear whether there are problems in the sections of the hard disk .If not, this test will no longer be run automatically.
It so happens that the first method does not work, but you are sure the disk partition .Therefore it is necessary to cancel such check manually.To do this, press the key combination Win + R, type cmd and press Enter.In the opened window you must enter the following expression chkntfs / XC: (instead of C: can be any drive that is constantly checked).