you need
  • - internet access;
  • - program Windows Product Key Update Tool.
Open official site of Microsoft.On the main page, select "Products Windows».Here you will need to choose the menu of operating systems, further to avoid mistakes in the choice of programs.
Go to help.You will open a large list of products contained mes to address certain problems that arise when working with the operating system, as well as the menu step by step instructions.Find among them the one that is responsible for the change in the activation of Windows, and then locate the Windows Product Key Update Tool.
In the new opened in your browser page, select the operating system to work in the Windows Product Key Update Tool.Versions of it are only intended to last three Windows - XP, Vista and Seven.For each of them fits only one ve
rsion of the program, so if you need to change the activation not just XP, but and, for example Seven, download two different programs.
Follow the creation of recovery points on the computer in which you want to change the activation code.Install the downloaded program, open it and run the operating system update the keys.
Follow all instructions of the setup menu of the program.After register a copy of Windows, calling for technical support or with the help of an Internet connection.At the same time, be especially careful when entering the license key, which is then saved as the best in electronic form, and in the ordinary.
In the event of any problems related to the work program developer Microsoft, and by changing the activation key of Windows, be sure to contact technical support, especially when it comes to these major changes.