Search for files and folders

To search for files or folders, go to the "Start" menu.At the bottom of the menu there is a line Quick Search "Search programs and files".

Click once the left mouse button on the search box and enter the text of the request (file name, folder, or program completely or only part of it).Search engine instantly displays a list of results matching the user's query.

To search for files and folders via a standard Windows Explorer, open the directory in which they are expected to.

Click on the line "Find: XXX┬╗ (where "XXX" - the name of the open directory search), located in the upper right corner of Windows Explorer.The text cursor moves to the search string.

Enter a query with the name of a file or folder.At the same time to enter the name
of the element can be fully or partially.

users of Windows operating systems provide the possibility of including search filters, iesearch for files and folders based on any of its properties, such as file type, size, etc.

To activate the filter, open the directory searches for files and folders, and click the left mouse button once the line "Find ...".At the bottom of the list that appears, select the desired filter, and set the search parameters.For example, when you select a filter, "size", the user can choose between the ranges of volumes of files (open, tiny, small, etc.).

In the absence of a file or folder in the list of results, the user can expand the search space.To do this, scroll down the list of special mouse wheel or the scroll bar in the right pane.

In Windows 7, the user is offered several options to expand the search.You can select, for example, search in libraries, in any folder, on the Internet and in the content of files (text documents, tags, comments, etc.).

General recommendations

To speed up searches in Windows using the indexation arrangements, ieadd the most frequently used files and folders in the index system.Indexing is not carried out in the system, locked folders.You can add any location to the list of indexing.

To search for files and folders on all local and external drives as select a directory to search for libraries "Computer".In this case, finding the right folder and file will be carried out in non-indexed locations, such as system and user-defined folders blocked.