you need
  • - installation disk Windows XP;
  • - installation disc Windows Seven.
The easiest way to synchronize the two systems - first install Windows XP, and then - Windows Seven.If you have already installed "Seven", then you use it to create the necessary partitions.
With Partition Manager software, create an additional partition on which you will install Windows XP.Highlight for that 10-12 GB.This is enough to store the files system and related software.
Now insert the installation CD into the drive Windows XP, turn on the computer and press F8.Set the boot priority from the DVD-drive and press Enter.Complete the installation of Windows XP onto the prepared section.
In no case do not use the local disk C. This is because
Windows XP boot sector is usually located on drive C. After the installation of the system components, remove the disc from the drive.Replace it with the OS installation disk Windows Seven.
Restart the computer, making sure that the launch will be made from the DVD-drive instead of the hard drive.Install Windows Seven on local disk C. As in the previous case, the computer will reboot several times during the installation of the operating system files.
After installation is complete, Windows Seven, open the Control Panel and select "System."Go to "Advanced System Settings" and press the "Options" menu relating to the "Startup and Recovery."
Select the operating system that will run natively.Reduce the time display menu operating system to 5-10 seconds.Restart the computer.After some time, a menu appears with two fields provided: Windows 7 and "Previous version of Windows».As you know, when you select the second option will run the operating system Windows XP.