Features blue screen

find out the cause of the BSOD can have on its content.On a blue background in a particular order specified reporting data on the system error.At the bottom of the screen is usually a separate line the name of the file that caused the failure, and the path to it.The only problem is that most immediately after the blue screen to be automatically rebooted and the user can not read the information.

for reading and decoding of the blue screen, right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties".On the "Advanced" tab, under "Startup and Recovery", click "Options."Uncheck line "Perform automatic restart."When a critical error occurs the computer will no longer restart automatically, and you can watch the blue screen with information about the problems. System status information is stor
ed in a memory dump.This file is saved by default in the folder C: \ Windows \ Minidump.

Determining the cause of the error

Pay attention to the detailed description of the error on a blue screen.It looks like the phrase in capital Latin letters.This word can be separated by an underscore: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.The following technical information describing the address that caused the system to stop, for example 0x8872A990, 0x804F35D8 etc.And only after that should be the name of the file that caused the error. Rewrite indicated on a blue screen information.You can send them to technical support Microsoft, by typing in the appropriate field on the official website of the company.

Remember what applications you downloaded for the last time and then began to appear blue screen.Perhaps the configuration of the computer is too low for normal operation, and blue-screen system is protected from various failures, such as overheating of the CPU, memory errors, etc.Also it does not hurt to check the system for viruses.

use a free utility BlueScreenView, which will help to decipher the blue screen.Download from the developer Bluescreenview.exe file and run it.Select the Advanced Options in the Option menu and specify the path to the dump.Click Refresh on the toolbar.The program will show the files sorted by date dumps.Explore them all.Will be marked in red are those that might cause the error and lead to a drop in the operating system.