you need
  • - skills PC user.
Open the program list using the "Start" menu.Select a section of standard programs item "Tools" and run the utility to restore your operating system Windows.
In the window with the arrow buttons to select the date of the checkpoint, which was set up to install your Service Pack 3. Note that while removing any programs you installed over a period of recovery points to the current moment.Also change the settings of the operating system.
To avoid losing data, save user files of programs that can be uninstalled in the process of rolling back the system.It may be different logins and passwords, configuration files, save games in progress and so on.
In the window that appears, read the other conditions of the operating system rollback to the previous state of it.Pre quit all currently running programs.Perform a system recovery.This computer will reboot automatically deleting installed programs with Service Pack 3. This option is relevant only if SP3 has been installed on your computer as an upgrade.If the version of your operating system originally contained it in yourself, use the installation distribution with SP2 or any other desired version.
to reinstall your operating system, insert the disk with Windows XP SP2 or any other version of the drive, restart your computer.Once it is on, press Esc and a pop-up menu set the initial hardware boot your drive.Save your changes, proceed further boot from CD, press any key.In the Windows Setup menu, do the installation, just follow the instructions of the system.