If necessary, clean any unused disk volume from the operating system and applications temporary files, open the properties of this disc.To do this, start the "Explorer", click the icon of the desired object, right-click and select the context menu line "Properties".
On the "Properties" next to the chart that displays free and used space, put a button "Disk Cleanup" - click it.You will see a warning that the drawing up of a list of unnecessary files may take several minutes.Wait for the operation of the system program.
In the list of files that will be placed on the "Disk Cleanup" window that appears at the end of the process, place a mark in front of groups of files that you do not mind.Separating each line, you can read an explanation of the appointment of the group of files.The cleaning process, start by pressing OK.
In the same window there is one more tab - "Advanced".It is divided into two sections, each placed in "Clear" button.Press the top, if you want to open a list of installed applications and free up disk space by removing some of them.Lower use to access the list of saved recovery points - removing old and unused also possible to increase free disk space.
If you want to drive a total sweep of all the files, select "Format", click the icon of the desired disc in the "Explorer" right-click.This command brings up the settings window operation.In it you can select the type of file system and cluster size, specify the volume label and choose the quick format, or long, but a more thorough destruction of data.The procedure of pressing the button "Start".