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  • of Windows.
Use snap "Disk Management" of Windows to change the letters of physical or virtual disk on any supported computer.To access it on the screen, you can use the context menu shortcut "My Computer" (Windows XP and earlier) or "Computer┬╗ (Windows 7 and Vista).Click on the icon, right-click and select the menu command "Computer Management" and "Management" (depending on version).If your desktop is no such label, perform the same operation with the same item in the main menu of the operating system.
When you see the window "Computer Management" in the left column, locate the section "Memories" and highlight it select "Disk Management."OS will scan all connected storage device and make a list of disks - it will be presented in table format at the top of the right pane and is duplicated in the lower part of the scheme.
Start a separate window with this table can be through the "Control Panel."To do this, open the main menu and start the panel by selecting the appropriate option.Then click on the link "System and Security," and in the "Administration" of the next page activate the link "Create and format hard disk partitions".
Open the context menu of the desired drive - right-click its row in the table or a rectangle in the scheme.In the list of commands, select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and in the window that opens, click the "Change" - will open another window.
box marked "Assign a drive letter (AZ)┬╗ posted a drop-down list with a list available at the moment the letters - open it and select the desired.Then click OK and confirm by pressing the "Yes" in the dialog box.This procedure is complete, the drive letter change.