Tip 1: How to disable drivers

shutdown procedure signature drivers on computers running Microsoft Windows, is standard and does not require any additional software.
Call the main menu system by pressing the "Start" button, and navigate to the dialog "Run" in order to disable the driver signature verification.Type gpedit.msc in the line "Open" and confirm the launch of the utility Local Group Policy Editor, by clicking OK.
Open link "User Configuration" in the left pane of the dialog box and go to the "Administrative Templates."Expand the "System" and select the group "Driver Installation."Find the line "digital signature device drivers" and call its context menu by right-clicking.
Enter the command "Change" and apply a checkmark in the "Disable" in the next dialog box.Confirm your selection by pressing the "Apply" button, and save the changes by clicking OK.Note that when you select "Enable", it is possible to specify the behavior of the system when it detects an unsigned driver:
- warn;
- skip;
- lock.
Before deciding to disable digital signature verification installed drivers should understand the potential danger of such actions for the system.The fact that the main purpose is to provide a driver interaction between the computer and all other devices.Digital signature - a specific security guarantees.The absence of a digital signature or a change may indicate a viral infection of the program or the substitution of the driver.Only the digital signature of the publisher, certified by a certification authority can serve as a sufficient guarantee of security set by the driver.Unsigned drivers may be used only in case of his license to drive most of the manufacturer, although the final decision always rests with the user.

Tip 2: How to disable the publisher

Check publisher typically displayed in the system when you start an unidentified Windows operating system developer.To disable the test, there are several ways.
How to disable the publisher
To disable digital signature verification service driver, type gpedit.msc.In the Enter key after pressing the Local Group Policy Editor, locate the user configuration panel, and then go to the section called "Administrative Templates."Go to "System" and then go to the settings menu of the installation of drivers.
Select "Digital signature device drivers" in the dialog box, select the action to a "Disable".Apply and save your changes, and then when the installation of device drivers will no longer appear on the screen disparity digital signature.Please note that this is not recommended for your own safety.
If you want to enable the display of the lack of a digital signature software for the operating system Windows, and go to the above-mentioned point configuration menu settings and the inclusion, but note that it will also require you tomode device driver testing and follow-up.
If security alerts do not allow you to run certain programs work with the network, perform additional configuration Firewall configuration Windows.To do this, open the Control Panel are the computer and its menu, go to "Security Options."
In the window at the bottom, select the firewall settings.In the resulting window, select the "Exceptions" tab and tick the program call which is prohibited by the system.If it is not in the list, add it using the button "Browse".Before applying the changes, make sure that the program is not malicious, because many of them can be masked by all the well-known tools.
Helpful Hint
not disconnect authentication programs.
  • Digital Signature driver.Disabling digital signature verification


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