you need
  • of Windows.
If your computer is running Windows XP, clear the desktop of the labels have not been used applications and files, you can use a special master.To run it, click the background image of your desktop, right-click and select the context menu line "Properties".On the "Desktop" dialog box, click the "Customize Desktop", and in the next window, click "Clear your desktop."
can run this system application in a different way - to reveal the desktop context menu, go to his profile "Arrange labels" and select "Desktop Cleanup Wizard."
At the beginning of the wizard, just click "Next"
.System Application analyze usage statistics labels and offer a list of those who, in his opinion, did not really need.You can edit the list and give the command to start stripping - press 'Next' again, and then click on the button "Finish".The wizard does not permanently remove the labels and put them in a specially created folder called "unused shortcuts."
The OS later releases - 7 and Vista - have the power to prevent the display of shortcuts on the desktop.To do this, open the context menu and in the "View" uncheck the item "Show Desktop Icons."In the same way, you can clear the workspace of gadgets - command "Show desktop gadgets" placed in the next line of the same section of the context menu.
can use less drastic methods of cleaning.For example, create a desktop folder to several different groups of labels - text files, programs, pictures, movies - and sort them into the existing labels.To create a folder, click the wallpaper and choose the "New" item "Folders", then type the name and press Enter.To move to the newly created folder is a shortcut from the desktop, simply drag it there with the mouse.