you need
  • computer program Everest, internet access
Although the operating system and displays basic information about the computer, it does not display the detailed characteristics of PC components.To find more detailed description, you need to use additional software.The most detailed information about your motherboard, you can learn with the help of the program Everest.Download the application and install it on your computer.On the Internet there is a free trial version with limited term of use.
After installing the program, restart your computer and run it.The first time you will b
e asked to select the language.Among the proposed Russian language there.Of course, it was his and choose.This takes you to the main menu.Note toolbar top box to the program.Select the tab "File" and then - "Settings".Opens two windows.Notice the right window.It locate the "System board" and click on it with the mouse.A window with full information on the motherboard installed on your computer.It will be available information on the interface connecting the video card, the number of ports for connecting RAM, motherboard chipset type.
If you need to get all detailed information about your motherboard, in the toolbar, click "Report."Click on the tab "Quick Report" and then select "Plain Text."The program will scan the motherboard.At the end of the scan you will see a text document with complete information about your motherboard.If necessary, the report can be printed by using the menu.Before printing, use the preview function, as the report may consist of a large number of pages.