Tip 1: How to record a movie from your PC to DVD

DVD-drives installed in modern computers and laptops, are endowed with a function of recording the files to disc.For this process can be used by the operating systems Windows or specialized programs.
you need
  • - Nero Burning Rom.
To ensure good quality of recorded data using the program Nero Burning Rom.Download the demo version of this utility if you do not plan to work constantly with her.Install the software by disabling options.
Restart the computer.Launch the shortcut file nero.exe, located on the desktop.There are two main algorithms recording video.If you plan to run movies using DVD-players and similar devices, the Quick Start Menu, select DVD-Video.
Check the box next to "Record".Click "New".In the left menu, select the folder AUDIO_TS.Copy the desired video sound bites, if any.Sami videoclips copy the folder VIDEO_TS.To find the required files, use the right-hand side of the working window Nero.Note that in this case only be used VOB format.
Click "Record" and adjust settings Burning.Set the desired speed, select the number of copies.Click "Burn."Check the recorded files after the completion of the program.
If you need to record another file format to disk, then select a DVD with the data in the Quick Launch menu.Click "New" and drag the desired video in the left window.
In this case, you can uncheck "Finalize Disc".This will further add files to the media.To play back files using the DVD-player is better to finish the session.This is especially true when working with a relatively older devices.
Click "Burn" when compiling the list of files.Check the quality of the recorded data, by opening multiple video files.

Tip 2: How to copy a movie to disk

At present, to record the movie on the disc in good quality, not enough CD.Movies fit only on DVD.Burn DVD disks using standard Windows tools available in Vista and 7 users versions of Windows XP and earlier, to burn a DVD, you can use the program Nero.
How to copy a movie to disk
to burn a DVD using Windows Media Center, open the program and in the "Start", select the "Tasks", and then click "Burn CDdisk or DVD ».In the window, select the disk format "Video DVD», and in the next window, enter the name of the drive, or leave the default.Now, in the "Media Select" Click "Video Library," and then select to record a movie file, select it checked.Click "Burn DVD» and your movie will be written to disk.
To burn a DVD movie using burning software Nero, run the program and select DVD-ROM, if you watch the recorded disc on your computer.If the disc is playable on home DVD player, press DVD Video.In the window on the left you will see the contents of the disc is still blank, and the right - the contents of your computer.Locate on your computer a movie file and drag it to the left window.
in full indicator disc at the bottom of the program you will see whether there is still space on the disc.If the free space on the disc allows you to add one or more movies, transfer your files in the left window.Now you can start the process of recording a movie on the disc by pressing the "Record" in the program menu.
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