Tip 1: How to remove the lag in games

majority more or less experienced gamers ever faced with such a problem, as errors occurring during gameplay.In computer jargon, these errors are often called "lags".Methods to resolve such errors are directly dependent on their causes.Therefore, an explanation of ways to eliminate the lag will be made together with an indication of the root problem.
you need
  • - Guidelines for the use of your motherboard (section about updating BIOS);
  • - Skills update video card drivers;
  • - Skills Pack DirectX;
  • - Ability to determine the technical parameters of your computer.
In fact, all errors that occur in computer games , may have only two causes - the problem with the so-called "hardware", that is, the computer's hardware, and problemssoftware.Consider these classes of problems otdelnosti.Problemy related to "iron": Sellers disks with computer games, probably not again faced with situations where after the purchase of a drive buyer soon came back and said sorry that was not able to run the
game.In most cases, it is said that the buyer of the computer just "pulls" a game that is not enough computing power.In order to avoid these incidents should carefully read the specifications before buying the game.Also, you should know what your computer is capable of, namely, its parameters such as the size of memory (MB), CPU frequency (Mhz), memory size (MB) and brand card.Find out what operating system is installed on your computer and how much space is available on your hard drive.This saves you from the repeated trips to the store for a refund and will save your nerves.It may also happen that the game started, but much "brake".In this case, the cause of "loose" may also be a "weak iron".However, do not rush just to buy a new video card or buy more memory.Perhaps the problems lie in the software.
software problems: If "glands" more or less clear (not enough RAM - went and bought additional, and so on), then a part of the program is somewhat more complicated.Beforehand install and update anti-virus software in time.Confidence that your computer is free from viruses, dramatically increases the chances of successful elimination of lag.
Follow relevance drivers for your video card.The driver - a program that controls its operation.I have the latest drivers, to some extent guarantee you that the card will work correctly.The truth sometimes happens that the latest version is not always the best time-tested.It turns out only by experiment.Download current driver is recommended only with the official site of the manufacturer of your graphics card.
Install the latest version of DirectX.This software (or rather, a set of libraries), serving for video processing.The disks with the games almost always attached distributions with DirectX, but obsolescence is very fast (after 3 months), so it is best to boot from the official website of Microsoft (link provided in the relevant section).
Check availability of patches for the game.Even if the driver and DirectX fresh and lag is still there, the problem may lie in the game.Sometimes it happens that even official publications come out with errors.Corrects this by setting special "patch" for the game, called patches.Check their presence on the official site dedicated to the game.
Check the condition of your computer's BIOS.Unfortunately, even if everything seems to be perfect, viruses and all programs fresh, weak spot may be an old version of BIOS.The game may end quite suddenly, while simultaneously breaking down the entire operating system.For information on updating should look in the manual for the motherboard.Usually everything in detail and clearly painted.

Tip 2: How to remove logs

Modern network computer games such as CS, can transmit and receive sufficiently large amounts of information.If the transmission rate is too low, or, even worse - uneven changes occur lag - a delay or stop the game, usually at the most inopportune moment.

Lags in cs irritate even the most patient players, and many result in a rage.If logs appear suddenly and for a short time, they can be explained by temporary problems in the network of your ISP.However, if they become chronic, it is necessary to take measures to get rid of the lag.

  1. First of all, make sure your computer power is sufficient for playing with the settings you have chosen.The frequency of the processor, memory and graphics power - these three parameters significantly affect the performance of the game.If cs slowed from the beginning, just try to reduce the quality of the graphics.Maybe it's just that the computer is not fast enough time to draw a picture.If you are sure that it is not in the power of the system (for example, lags were not, and then they were), it is necessary to solve the problem is with your network connection.

  2. Turn off all other programs that may use the network (ICQ, Skype).

  3. may help reduce lag manipulation of parameters and cl_cmdrate cl_updaterate.The first one defines how many times per second your client to inform the server about your actions in the game.The second - the number of times the server informs the client of changes in game situation.The higher values ​​for these parameters, the smoother gameplay takes place and the easier it is to get to the enemy.In addition, they must meet each other, because if the information comes from the server often creates a dynamic picture of the game, and from you to the server data stream is limited, you simply will not have time to react to changes in a game situation.To clear the logs, try to reduce both of these options at a time, or a little more reducing cl_cmdrate.All these parameters are found in the config file, or entered in the console.

  4. To remove the logs, try setting cl_lw to 1. This will lead to miscalculation effects and action of the weapon on the client side, and will significantly reduce traffic, although there is a small risk that the picture you see will be different from the real one.

  • page download the current version of DirectX


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