Each features a Windows Vista user has its own specifics of your computer.Therefore, the policy of this operating system is the flexible configuration options, allowing more individual build interface and sound to work, thus increasing the efficiency of their work.
To adjust the sound open "Control Panel."This can be done by the start button "Start".On the go to "Hardware and Sound".
In the window you will see all the devices used during operation.Find the "Sound", it contains three subsections: "Adjusting the volume", "Change system sounds" and "Manage audio devices".
In the window "Volume", which appears when you select the first subsection, by default there are two audio controller .The first, entitled "Apparatus", is responsible for playing sound through the speakers or headphones.The second, "The Sound Windows┬╗, controls the volume of system sounds that accompany various events.This setting can also be accessed from the bottom right of the taskbar.
"Changing system sounds" controls the setting of sound effects Windows.By default, the standard sound scheme, which can be changed.To do this on the "Sounds" from the list, select the "Program Events" desired line, and then the desired melody from the drop-down list of "The Sound."
add your own audio files, you can use the button "Browse".Also setting provides an opportunity to listen to the selected entry by pressing the "Check".In addition to the standard pattern of sound in Vista provides a complete lack of sound, which can be installed option scheme "Without sound ┬╗.Upon completion of the changes the settings, click "Apply" and close the window.
third section called "Manage audio devices".Here on the "Play" or "Record" you can configure the new audio devices, or change existing ones.To do this, select the device from the list and click "Properties".Changed parameters can be checked by the command "Customize."When finished, click "Apply" the new settings to take effect.
Close the Control Panel.