1 Turn on the computer.After an initial survey of the iron when the screen displays information about the type of chipset and RAM, press F8.If you have installed multiple operating systems, the keys "up arrow" or "down arrow", select the desired logical drive, and then press F8.
appears on the screen "Advanced Options menu."Select "Safe Mode ยป using the keys with arrows and press Enter.You will need proof of work in safe mode e. Answer "Yes", otherwise the program will start the system recovery.If the attempt to boot in normal mode s failed "Menu" will be offered automatically.
In this mode ie only those drivers are loaded, without which the comput
er can not run on Windows: keyboard, mouse, drive, monitor and videadaptera standard system services.It is not possible to work on the network.The video driver supports 16 colors and a resolution of 640x480 pixels.
If the problem began after installing new hardware, boot into safe mode e, in the "Control Panel" find the icon "System" and open it by double-clicking.Go to the tab "Hardware" and click "Device Manager."Click on the icon of the problematic device.The top line of the monitor image appears crossed - press it to remove the device and drivers to it.Restart the computer in normal mode e. If the system is working properly, the problem has a hardware conflict.
From the "Control Panel" you can remove the new program when the trouble started after installation.Select "Add or Remove Programs", scroll down and look suspicious utility and click "Uninstall / Change."If after restart in the normal mode s problems are gone, then you have found the cause.
addition to "Safe Mode as" there are a few additional boot options: - Secure Mode with Networking - have the opportunity to work in a local network.You can make a diagnosis from a remote location;
- Safe Mode with Command Prompt - Displays the command line instead of the graphical user interface;
- Enable mode VGA - supported by standard driver VGA.This mode can be used when the cause of failure was the new video driver, or is not supported by the resolution setting of the monitor;
- Last Known Good Configuration - Windows loaded with the parameters that have been preserved since the last successful operation.Points rollback are created automatically if it does not care about the user;
- Debug Mode - useful if the system unit is connected to another computer direct cable connection.These debugging transferred to a connected PC;
- Enable logging boot - the boot protocol is written to the file Ntbtlog.txt