Log in the system with administrator rights - their presence is a prerequisite without which the operation control user accounts are not possible.
Open OS component with options to control user accounts.This can be done through the control panel - Open the main menu and select it in the appropriate item.The Panel go to the "User Accounts and Family Safety" and click the link "User Accounts."Depending on the version of the operating system to link accounts can not be placed in the sub-section, and in the main window of the control panel.
Windows 7 instead of the control panel, you can use the search engine:
open the main menu and enter "account" in the text field "Search programs and files".The system displays a list of search results, citing "User Accounts" in the first line - click it.
Click inscription "Manage another account" if you are using Windows 7 or Vista (in Windows XP, this line is not present).Then, in each of these versions of the OS you need to click on the link "Create an account".
Enter a name for the new user account in a single text box, the window that opens.In Windows 7 and Vista in the same window it is necessary to specify whether or not to grant created by an administrator - tick the box marked "commonly available" or "Administrator".In Windows XP, this selection is transferred to the next window that opens after you click "Next" - this alternative is formulated as a "computer administrator ยป and "limited entry".
Click on "Create an account" and the component adds a new user to the list.
If you create a user must assign a password to access, it will have to do a second run in the component "User Accounts."At this time in the version of Windows XP, click on the link "Edit Account", and in Windows 7 and Vista, click the inscription "Manage another account."
Click the icon created in the user and the task list, select "Change Password".In the next window, enter the password twice, and the text of the phrase hints that will help him remember.Then click "Create a password" and the password will be required to log in the user.