Creating a bootable USB drive or disk

In order to install the operating system on your laptop, you will need the proper installation files you selected OS.The way in which you zaimeli installation files - it's up to your conscience.

So, suppose you have an operating system installation files.If your laptop has a built-in DVD-ROM and you are using to install the drive, you can move on to the next step.If your laptop does not support reading DVD or you do not have the installation disc, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive.You can use the program UltraISO, for example.

Knop clicking "Open", you select a folder with files of the OS (or a single file, if your operating system is already in the image).Next on the menu "Bootstrapping" click on "Burn hard disk image."In the column «DiskDrive» choo
se your flash drive and click "Burn."After a while, your bootable flash drive is ready.Do not forget that all data will be erased beforehand!Also note that on a flash drive has to be enough space for installation files recorded.

Actually OS installation

So you're holding a bootable flash drive with the desired operating system.You insert it into USB-port of your laptop, after turning it off, if necessary.Since the beginning of boot laptop press the «F2», to open the BIOS (basic input / output system - «Basic Input Output System") your laptop.

tab «Boot» must be selected as the first device to run your USB flash drive, and already her hard drive.Then you save everything and reboot the laptop.Now downloading go with your stick.It remains the most simple - follow the installation wizard OS, pressing again and again "Next" button, choosing convenient for you options.

Particular attention should be paid to step in which you are invited to write a new OS over the old or format your hard drive.In no case do not format the hard disk unless you are certain that it is not your precious files!Also note that the record of the new operating system on top of an old erase all data from the folder «User», «Program Files» and «Windows», which means the loss of all the programs that you have had, as well as the loss of pictures, music, videos and documentsfrom the corresponding folders.If you lose absolutely nothing, it is recommended nevertheless to format the disk.This will save you from the "garbage" on your hard disk, if it was there.