To update of Windows 7 Ultimate, you can use either Update Windows, and manual injection packs.Update Windows - the most convenient way to install new packages, since after all the required configuration operations will be performed automatically.
To enable automatic update, you must use the appropriate functions of the system.To do this, go to "Start" - "All Programs" - "Update Windows».You can also use the control panel by going to "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System and Security" - "Update Windows».
To enable the necessary settings, use the link "Settings" in the left part of the window.In the dropdown list "Important updates" select "Install updates automatically".You
can also tick the line "Get recommended updates the same way" under "Recommended updates".After making the settings, click OK.The system will automatically load all the packages and install them produce.
If you want to manually apply any updates for your system, go to the official website of Microsoft in the section "Service Packs."Use the on-screen prompts to select your operating system and desired package.Select the installation language, and then press the "Continue" and then "Download".Wait until download the desired file, and then make it run.
5 Complete the installation according to the instructions given on the screen, and then restart your computer to apply the changes you made.