Windows XP

The main advantage of the old XP operating system is the ease of use on slower computers.XP uses much less RAM than its newer versions.Also, there is some advantage in speed to Windows 7. First of all, it can be connected to the "gravity" of the seven.If we consider the fact that since 2003, Windows XP is the operating system used, it can be concluded that for a person who uses in his works of old and obsolete computer software, this version of the OS is the best.The main disadvantage of XP is the inability to use more than 4 GB of RAM, and support for DirectX 9 version is not higher.

Recommended system requirements for Windows XP:

- Processor at least 300 MHz;

- RAM - 128 MB;

- 2 GB of space on your hard drive.

Windows 7

This operating system has entered the market in 2009.It has a beautiful and user-friendly interface than its predecessor.Also in the "seven" has a special style of AERO, which is very easy to get used to.Such decorations and novelties require expenditure of additional resources, so slow computers and some types of notebooks to draw the OS can not.Another plus "Seven" - an innovation in user safety.There is a new system of protection of User Account Control, which will not allow the program to perform any action on the computer without the user's permission.For example, if in Windows XP, the virus penetrated the computer on, quietly brought to changes in system files, then "seven" will not happen.In Windows 7, simplified setup of wireless networks Wi-Fi, as well as the installation of the system will load all the necessary drivers for your computer.

Recommended system requirements for Windows 7

- the processor - at least 1 GHz;

- memory - 2 GB for 64-bit systems and 1 GB for 32-bit;

- graphics card with support for DirectX9;

- 20 GB of free space on your hard drive.

Windows 8

latest operating system from Microsoft.The emphasis in it is made mainly on the Tablet PC.Also, the interface is changed significantly.Now, instead of the usual all desktop icons are arranged tiles.This style allows the user to keep abreast of the latest developments taking place in the social networks and news sites.For the first time on the computer without a touch screen, "eight" can be inconvenient.But its main advantage is better performance.For ease of use, developers combined two interfaces.At the touch PC easier to use modern interface with tiles, and for conventional computers preserved to enjoy all the usual icons and a work desk.

According to the developers, the minimum system requirements on Windows 8 is still lower than that of "Seven".