you need
  • disk with the operating system installation image
Take a drive way with the installation of the operating system.It comes with some computers, it can be downloaded from the internet, to buy in the store software.It does not matter how you drive and where.The main thing - that it is bootable, and correspond to your system.
Turn on your computer or reboot, if your computer is already running.After restarting as soon as the screen will display a table of characteristics (what you have and how much memory the processor), repeatedly pressing «Delete» or «F2», to enter in the BIOS, the basic system startup and computer settings.
Find submenu, which is responsible for the boot order.The exact location of this menu can not be specif
ied, it is different for different models of motherboards and, especially, from different manufacturers.Look for the item «Boot Configuration» and «Boot Sequence».To enter a particular menu item, press the «Enter», navigate using the arrow keys, and to select press the "plus" and "minus".
When you find the menu, enter it.You will see a list of priorities at startup.Typically, this Hard Drive, CD-rom, Removable device, LAN.It is, accordingly, a hard disk drive, laser disks, USB flash drive and boot from the network.Press the source select boot several times, so that the row with the name of the drive to be in the top of the list.It will be set to boot from the disc.Press the keyboard key F10, then all changes will be saved and the computer will automatically reboot.
Insert a Windows boot disk in the drive, if you have not done this before.If done in time - there will be a blue screen operating system installer.If you start the usual loading system - just press restart.Read the Setup message, and then press R, to start System Restore by using the console.
Press «Enter», when the question appears on the screen, in which you must access your system - most likely, you have only one computer system that is on the disk C :.
Enter the administrator password in the window to enter the password that appears on the screen.If you do not know this password, please enter your user name and password - likely your account also has the computer's administrator.Done.You are in Recovery Console.