you need
  • installation disc with the operating system.
To load a second operating system from one hard disk, you must create multiple partitions.In principle, both systems can be installed on a single disk, but you may lose some data, so do not risk it.Before installing the second system is necessary to divide the hard disk into several partitions, if this has not been done in advance.Use one of the following programs: Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director.
before partitioning your hard drive you want to save all the important information on removable media (CD / DVD-drive, flash-drives).This action does not allow you to remove the desired files and folders from your hard drive.In some cases, the creation of new sections in order to reduce the waiting time is necessary to complete the operation of their form
When installing two operating systems on your hard drive a total of not more than 320 Gb is recommended to create 3 sections: disc «C:» and «D:» will be used as a system, and drive «E:»as a logical (for data storage).It may turn out that one of these letters will be occupied by CD / DVD-drive.Do not worry, in this case wheels acquire names «D:» and «E:» or «E:» and «F:».
Open the tray CD / DVD-drive and insert the installation disc.Restart the computer: click "Start" menu, select "off" and then "Reset" or just "reset".
When you boot your computer, click Delete, F2 or Tab, to get to the menu BIOS Setup.In the Boot select the first source load your drive.To save the changes and reboot, press F10 and select Yes.
If you are installing the first account of the operating system, as the main section is select the drive "C:".For the second operating system is commonly used on account of the second section, generally disk «D:».The rest of the installation of both systems is the same as in the case of a single operating system.
After installation is complete, restart your computer.When you start your computer, you will see download options, for example, Windows XP and Windows Seven.Move the cursor to the desired line and press Enter.