Safe Mode - a special mode that until Windows 8 is launched by pressing F8.The latest version of this operating system is loaded pretty quickly, and therefore run the operation with the same key is not always obtained.There are some fairly simple ways to start the operating system in this mode.

Standard version

can use a special tool - "System Configuration".To run this program, it is necessary in the "Start" menu, in the search box type "Run" in the window that appears write command Msconfig.exe.A special window will appear where you need to go to the tab "Download".Here a list of all operating systems installed on a PC.You need to select Windows 8 and in the "Boot Options" set a check in "Safe Mode."After restarting the computer will start in Safe Mode.

Starting Safe Mode via the options screen

For example, if the logon has not yet been done, you can hold down
the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click on the power icon, which is located on the login screen and select the "reset."This opens a special menu in which to select the "Diagnostics" and then "Advanced Options".When the following screen appears, then select "Boot Parameters" and "Reload".After the computer restarts, you will see a list of several options, where you can choose from three types of safe mode Windows 8.

Removable media recovery system

Besides all these options, there is one that isusing a CD or USB-stick for system recovery.Once the disc or USB is loaded, the user is prompted to select a keyboard layout from the options.After selecting the options screen is displayed, the same as in the previous version.All manipulations are absolutely identical to that in the previous case.It is worth noting that Windows 8.1 to create a system recovery disk just does not happen.

All the options presented is very simple in design, which means that the problem will be able to cope with even a novice.In any case, even if you do not have time to press F8 (or it does not work on the keyboard), one of the above methods will load the operating system in safe mode.