to choose the method of full access to the folder, you need to find the file system on your computer.Double click the left mouse button click the icon "My Computer".To open the context menu, click the logical drive, which is a folder, the right mouse button.On the "Notice General" dialog box "Properties of" under "Type" will indicate the type of file system.
If your computer is running OC Windows XP Professional, and the file system is FAT32, go to "Control Panel".Choose the menu "Tools" and the option "Folder Options."Go to the tab "View" and clear the check boxes next to the items:
- «Use simple file sharing (recommended)";
- «Hide protected operating system fil
es (Recommended)."
Select the check box "Display the contents of system folders" and click OK to confirm.Then you can open the hidden folders and change their contents.
If the logical drive installed file system NTFS, tab "View" check boxes, as described above.Right-click on the icon of the system folder and choose "Properties" from the drop down menu.Go to the tab "Security".Click the "Advanced" tab and go to the "Owner".
In the "Name" check your account and write "Administrator" if you are logged on under it.Select the check box "Replace owner on subcontainers."Confirm the settings by clicking OK.At the request of changing the resolution of the right to answer "Yes."Again, confirm the changes by clicking OK.
Get full access to folders can be in safe mode.Restart the computer.After a short beep POST, press F8.In the "boot mode selection menu", select "Safe Mode."On the question of the continuing work of answer "Yes", otherwise it will run the system restore process.Right mouse click on the folder icon and choose the option "Properties".In the tab "Security" using the "Advanced" button, enter the user account that will be granted full access to the folder.