you need
  • computer running Windows.
If the problems do not interfere with the boot process, restore its previous state, using one of the restore points created by Windows before the problem occurred.To do this, open the "Control Panel" and select "Restore."In the window that appears, click "Next" and choose from the available recovery points that which was done when the system is running fine.If the recovery appears that the operation is completed successfully, then the goal is reached.
Sometimes the system fails to restore its previous state.Post this appears in the window after loading.It happens also that the recovery function is disabled.In these cases, try to adjust the system manually.Remo
ve programs and drivers after installation which the problem occurred.
Drivers are removed in the "Device Manager", which is run by opening the "Control Panel".In the list of devices, select the Manager, to the drivers that were installed before the problem occurs.Click the right mouse button and select "Properties".In the window that opens, open the tab "Driver" and then click "Remove."Then restart your computer and install a different driver or work on that system will install their own boot.
Programme, which were the cause of failure is removed using a utility "Programs and Features", starts from the "Control Panel."Find the list of installed programs, the one that caused the failure and remove it.
serious failures of the operating system can result in failure to boot.In this case, at the very start of the boot, press F8.Before you open a window for selecting particular modes download.Select "Safe Mode" and try to boot it.If it failed to do consistently perform those operations that are performed in steps 1, 3 and 4. After that, restart the computer in normal mode.
If unable to boot into safe mode, use of Windows 7 available to the mechanism, which is called the recovery environment (Recovery Environment) or Windows RE.It can be accessed from the same window, which made the choice of safe mode - by pressing F8, down at the beginning of the download.
Windows RE option located at the top of the list is called "Troubleshooting my computer".Select it.During the follow-up procedure to select the input language and enter the password.In the window "System Recovery Options" from the list, select the method of recovery.The first item - "Startup Repair" - an automatic troubleshoot the system.To get started, use them.
In that case, if the system has not coped with the task, select the second point, which is to recover the system using a restore point - what you did in Step 1. If this method was unsuccessful,Use the following paragraphs - "Restoring a system image" or "Command Prompt."
It is possible that efforts to restore the system using the Windows RE are unsuccessful.Try then re-install the OS without reformatting the hard drive at the same time.This option is effective when the disc has two sections.By installing the OS on a free - not the one on which the system is to be restored - the section, you can, download it, make changes to the system, which is to be restored.In particular, remove the driver from the conflict folder / drivers / or the troubled program from the folder / Program Files /.