you need
  • - a personal computer;
  • - a boot disk with the operating system Windows Server 2003.
In the BIOS set to boot from the CD-ROM, and then insert the CD-ROM drive with Windows Server 2003, and then restart the computer.If the primary disk has the information on the screen prompts you to boot the PC from the CD.Press the keys offered to you to download the CD-ROM.
appears on the screen indicating the configuration of the operating system installed and will open "Installing Windows┬╗.Then, read the information in the Welcome screen, read the license agreement and accept its terms.After that, the window will be displayed Windows Server 2003, Setup prompts you to select the partition where the operating system is installed (usually the drive C).
Make sure that the switch is set to "F
ormat the partition in the NTFS┬╗ and confirm your action by pressing Enter.After Setup formats the partition and copies the files to the hard drive, the PC will reboot and start the GUI in which the left panel will be shown how to install the OS.
During the installation of Windows Server 2003, select the locale, enter the name and organization and enter the product key.In the window "Licensing Modes" to select the licensing mode.
Once installed on a server running Windows Server 2003 configuration.To do this, open the "Manage Your Server" and click "Add or remove a role."Then open the "Server Configuration Wizard" and click "Next".
Click on the tab "Typical setup for a first server" and click "Next" and then enter the domain name.Confirm all changes and reboot the PC.