you need
  • Manually remove the virus files.
Not every user can identify dangerous files including running the application, even if your computer has antivirus software.Why is this happening?Almost every day in the light of new versions of viruses, and they want to get as close to the system files on your hard drive.Everything they do - to create a file with the same name and the place where cherished application.Sometimes this application is prescribed in startup, and then by all sorts of challenges await.
How can I find out about the presence of a systemic virus?Some programs you will not run, you automatically will be "beat" of the profiles in social networks, etc.So the first thing you need to check the startup list.To do this, press th
e key combination Win + R, in the window that opens, type msconfig, and press Enter.
Go to the tab "Startup" and check out all the files that are downloaded from the system folder, for example, Windows.Quite often there are cases where this list comes a file called sv * chost.exe.Instead, the sign "*" can be any letter (and lack thereof).Thus, users confuse the original system file svchost.exe with its malicious copies.Most depressing attitude of most antivirus applications - in finding such a file, they set off for his system and passed.
deselect the file, click "Apply" and "Restart Now."When loading the file it will no longer be involved, but still check it to "lice."Open the browser and click on the following link "Browse" and select the location of the infected file, and then click Send.After a while you will see a list of the file test programs popular anti-virus protection.
If there are among the results of a string of red, hence the presence of the virus was detected.Delete the file from the hard disk without going through the basket by pressing Shift + Enter.It is also recommended to have in stock, special wheels, which checks the infected objects.