Open the Control Panel.Find it in the menu item "System" and click the "Activate Windows».There you can view the information you need about the topic and view the code.In any case, rewrite it, because in the future it may be useful to you for use in various applications.
If your operating system is Windows Seven is not enabled, make sure you have your license key program and register your copy of the official website of Microsoft, or by calling the technical support service of the company.
Start the activation process and enter the license code.He usually indicated on the package, if the operating system was purchased as a standalone product.If your operating system has been preinstalled in your computer when you buy, check the license cod
e of the product in a special sticker on the back of the laptop or computer system unit on top of or to the side.
Get activation code Windows Seven, enter it in the appropriate field.After that, your system will no longer give out your reports after a trial period of use.If you did not have a license code the software, you can always buy it on the official website of Microsoft, you'll need to pay for a credit card.
If you got an unlicensed copy of the software, provide relevant information to the company Microsoft, they will make you a replacement labor to the availability of Windows when you have proof of purchase.Do not install on your computer hacked copies of the operating system Windows, it is best to use the free software, which also has other advantages over Windows.