You can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is only free if the current version of the system is licensed and not corporate.Also, the ability to install Windows 10 is available for users of OS 8 and 8.1.If your computer meets all the necessary requirements, check if there are any in the system tray (the area on the taskbar next to the clock) icon "Upgrade to Windows 10", when clicked, starts the installation process.
In the absence of the corresponding icon, make sure your computer is turned on Automatic check for updates.Go to the Windows Update may be through the taskbar.Be sure to install all available add-ons for the current version of the operating system, because otherwise you will not be given access to the appl
ication to install Windows 10. Do not forget to connect your computer to the Internet.
You get free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 after zarezerviruete turn for a new operating system.After clicking on the icon located in the taskbar, you will need to enter your email address.Next, you will receive a notification about a free upgrade if available at the moment.
Installing Windows 10 will not immediately, but only after it comes your turn.This is done in order to avoid excessive loads on the servers of Microsoft.Readiness to start the installation of Windows 10, you know by e-mail or as an icon on the taskbar.You can start updating immediately or at another convenient time.Wait until the Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10. Installation runs in the background without affecting the active programs and services.Upon its completion, the computer must reboot.
If your system is not suitable for updating is likely to install Windows 10 will not work for free.The only solution - expected release of new computers and laptops on which the system will be installed initially.You can also visit the official website of Microsoft, to get information on existing issues and problems associated with the upgrade.