Start component "System Properties" of your operating system - right-click the shortcut "My Computer" on the desktop and select the context menu line "Properties".An alternative way to run this component - to use a combination of "hot keys» win + pause.
Press "Options", posted on the "Advanced" tab in the window of the component.Buttons with an inscription that there are several - you need the one of them, which is placed in the "Performance".
Set the check mark next to the word "special effects", even if this setting is not checked.The list of effects, posted below, find and set the mark in the checkbox line "Drop Shadow icon on the desktop."Pr
ess «OK», to record the changes.
If in such a way to remove the background under the slogans shortcuts will not work, when the OS is Windows XP, you can select "Properties" from the context menu that appears when you right-click the desktop space, free ofshortcuts.
Open the "Desktop Items" by clicking on the "Customize Desktop" on the "Desktop".
tab "Web" open windows and remove the check mark beside the inscription "Lock Desktop".Then remove all the marks in the check box list, located below the inscription "Web pages."
Press «OK» in the two open windows to set the properties of the screen to capture the changes.
Make sure that the system does not use enhanced contrast mode if the background fill for inscriptions label is still present.Access to appropriate setting can be accessed through the control panel - a reference to it is placed in the main menu of the Windows "Start" button.Running the panel, click the inscription "Special Features".
Click on the link "Adjusting the contrast of the text and color of the screen", placed in the section "Select the job."Then uncheck next to "High Contrast" and commit the changes by pressing «OK».