you need
  • - user account, which consists of the Administrators group.
Annex "Computer Management" snap-activate the "Service."Start the "Computer Management".Click on the "Start" button on the taskbar.Select "Settings" menu that appears.Then select "Control Panel."In the Control Panel window, select the label "Administration".Click on it twice.In the window that appears, double-click on the icon "Computer Management."

in the component tree on the left of the main window Run the application, expand "Services and Applications".Click on the item "Service".There will activate appropriate equipment, and its
interface is displayed in the right pane.
Scroll "Services" from the top down and find the item titled "Messenger Service".For easier search, you can sort the list by the value of the column "name" by clicking the mouse on the appropriate section header.Scroll to a found item.
Display options dialog launch and service management.To do this, select the "Properties" menu available when you right-click the selected item in the list.
Set the service to start.Expand the drop-down list of the "Startup type" and select it in the appropriate item.Select "Auto" if the computer you need to have constant running the Messenger service (which will start during the boot process).Make the current paragraph "Manual" if you start up the service yourself.Click on the "Apply" button."Start" button will become active at the same time.
Turn Net send.Click on the button "Start".Display a dialog with a progress bar to start the service messages.Wait until the start-up process.If no errors occurred, then click OK.