Install Android on a computer is easy enough.To do this, download the latest version of the operating system (for example, site download the image of Android in ISO format, you can use as a conventional loader, built-in Internet browser, and specialized program for downloading files (for example, Download Master).
Insert the flash drive in usb connector, or a blank disc in the cd-rom.
Create a bootable USB flash drive or disk.To record a disc, you can use a free program UltraISO.For the record, open Programs and choose "file" string "open".Through Windows Explorer, locate the downloaded image of the operating system Android.Tap the "bootstrapping" and go to capture an image of the hard disk.In the recording method, "click on the line« USB-
HDD + ».Start recording an image by pressing the "record".
All data on the disk or flash drive for recording an image of the operating system Android, which you want to install on your computer, all data will be deleted.Therefore, make sure in advance that the desired information was previously stored elsewhere.
to record the image will require a few minutes, while the state can monitor load by indicator.When the download is complete, the USB flash drive or disk can be safely used.
Install Android on a computer should be to use a virtual machine, the creation of which is possible with the help of the program VirtualBox.To do this, you must download it and install it.
Launch VirtualBox, choose section «Install Android to harddisk», then you can go to Android.