you need
  • - a computer running Windows Vista;
  • - a boot disk with the operating system Windows;
  • - program Daemon Tools Lite
to format the hard disk with the operating system Vista, you'll need a boot disk with any other operating system.If you do not have a boot disk, you can create it yourself.To do this, first download from the Internet image of the operating system that you install after removing Vista, then - the application Daemon Tools Lite.The program is completely free.Install it on your computer and restart it.
Then insert a blank disk in
to the drive of your computer.Then click on the image file of the operating system, right-click and select "Save the image to disk."After completing the process, you will have a bootable disk with the operating system.
Restart your computer several times and continually press F5 (alternatively can be F12).Selection menu appears start the computer.In this list, select your optical drive and press Enter.The disk with the operating system spin up, and then begin the process of copying files to a computer's memory.
Now we must act according to the order with which it is the operating system you're using a boot disk.If it is Windows XP, in the first dialog box, press Enter.The following dialog box will appear the license agreement.If you wish, you can read it.To continue, press F8.In the next window, press Esc.
window appears with hard disk partitions.Select the partition on which Vista is installed, and press Enter.A window will appear which will request information about formatting the hard disk.Select "Format in the NTFS┬╗ and press F. Now with Vista partition is formatted completely.You can install a new operating system.
If you have a bootable disk with Windows 7, the first window, click the left mouse button on the section where you installed Vista.Then, in the bottom of the program window, click "Format disk".